Monday, September 10, 2007

When it rains, let it pour...

...let it sweep through the door. For all your sorrows dry in June.
- Danny Ross

Last month, I checked out Danny Ross and TBN (to-be-named) band at the Rockwood Music Hall. I went without knowing what to expect really, except, from what I’ve read, his sound is reminiscent of Ryan Adams. Personally, I don't like it when people make those kinds of judgments—like this artist “sounds” like this other guy (and if I ever do that, feel free to call me out on it except when I’m writing about a cover band of course, in which case, it means I’ve run out of stuff to write about). So after seeing Danny Ross perform, I’m going to say that he sounds like Danny Ross, a young man with a light charm, who is eager to get on with the music. That night, I particularly enjoyed this one song called “Forgive Me Love.” I was informed that it was the first time the band performed it. Hopefully, if there is an upcoming LP, it will be on the album.

If you weren’t one of the handful of people at Rockwood to see Danny Ross and band, they are performing a benefit concert this Saturday, September 15th at The Bowery Poetry Club. All profits go to 9/11 Environmental Action.

Danny Ross: When You’re Down (And You’re Out) (link expired)
(Buy the EP)

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