Thursday, September 18, 2008

Superman Cometh

Izza Kizza loves Family Guy, comic books, and given the Shirley Ellis sample on this slick track, playground chants like The Clapping Song. It gives it a throwback cred that begs for a singalong. Well, there's that and digging up the jump rope in the back of your closet for a double dutch throwdown.

I was never very good at double dutch, so singalong it is!

Izza Kizza- Walk The Dog (ft Missy Elliot)
(Check out the myspace for info on how to download his Kizzaland mixtape for free!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Empanadas Are the New Cupcakes"

We didn't see this in Beijing, but if the olympics pop into host town, "Williamsburg," at least you'll know what to expect.

"Hipster Olympics"

Oh so deliciously quotable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

How do you do it? Make me feel like I do?

Currently I am reading Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield, which was highly recommended by my music loving friends.

The book made me so nostalgic for the mix tapes I made 10 years ago that I went digging through my drawers and boxes looking for the cassettes that had all my old favorites on them. I found one with some Incubus and Sarah McLachlan songs and happily popped it into my stereo.

I was bopping around singing “Stellar,” and generally having a grand time, when suddenly the tape stopped. Funny, I could have sworn there were more songs on this one. When I opened the deck, a whole blooming ribbon of cassette guts tangled the spindle, forcing me to do something I haven’t done in a decade—rewind the damn thing with a pencil*.

It’s funny how time forces you to remember the correct course of action for a problem that now feels utterly alien. Rewinding ribbon?!? I know I could just as well listen to an mp3 of the song or listen to the CD, but the low-fi, static buzz of my ancient recording takes me back to 1999, belting out this song with my best friend, and making it my secret love song for some boy I can’t even remember the name of right now**.

Incubus- Stellar
(Buy the album- Make Yourself)

*- Almost completely sure that the tape is ruined. :(
**- Henry? I think it was Henry?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Judgement Day

Season 2 of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres tonight on Fox.

I caught all of Season 1 on Hulu, and I am a believer now-- this is a great show. I hope Season 2 is just as good. Me thinks it will because Shirley Manson joins the cast, playing Zeiracorp executive, Catherine Weaver. Tune in tonight!

By far my favorite Garbage B-side...

Garbage- Trip My Wire

During her hiatus from Garbage, Shirley helped Jane's Addiction's Eric Avery with his solo album, lending a hand with lyrics and vocals. It certainly doesn't sound like anything Jane's Addiction or Garbage has ever released, but it's got kind of a lovely post-apocalyptic, off-beat charm. (Yeah, I don't think I've ever used "apocalypse" and "charming" in the same breath before.)

(Buy the album, Help Wanted)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Superpowers of Lykke Li! Part II

(Photo: Andreas Öhlund)

Although it hardly feels like autumn in New York right now, when the air gets cooler, I know this song will be on heavy rotation for my September playlist.

I'm completely enamored with this song. More than a "little bit." Music is Love. For serious.

Happy autumn. Happy 24. So many reasons to be happy.

Lykke Li- Little Bit
(Buy the album, Youth Novels)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Superpowers of Lykke Li!

This Swedish gal has all kinds of supernatural bewitchery up her (lovely cashmere) sleeves.

Like rockin' the megaphone and bringing sexy back with those platform boots for one.

And that sweater! That belt! (!!!) Doood, I'm having heart palpitations. I kinda wish I had a power that would enable me to reach through time, space, and the interweb to steal her damn outfit.

Lykke Li, I come in peace.