Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fierce? Not Quite

EW gave Beyoncé's new album a very generous review, but kind of undeserving, IMHO. In fact, it seems like every major news outlet doesn't want to say Beyoncé fell short this time. I wondered if I was the only one who didn't think Sasha Fierce was as fierce as she seemed, though it turns out the average Amazon music buyer agrees with me on this one (Is the Deluxe version where it's at???). After that super If I Were A Boy mv, I expected more out of the rest of the album, but I was disappointed save for a few gems like Halo, Ave Maria, and Sweet Dreams (I love this song. It was the saving grace after the previous track, "Diva," which frankly sounded like it was sung over Chipmunks on crack. What happened, B?)

I love her, but this isn't for me. I'm gonna go back to listening to B'Day. Wake me when the next one comes out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If She Were A Boy

Sometimes songs don't click for me until I see the video. I was pretty meh about Beyonce's If I were A Boy, but then I saw the mv and it totally clicked-- the single tear, and the running liner. You can watch it here.

But my favorite Beyonce song as of late is Upgrade U. I especially loved her lip-syncing over Jay-Z's part. Kinda wonder what sort of direction she got during filming.

"Okay Sasha Fierce, give me a Jay-Z snarl... grrr..."

If she were a boy, she'd still look pretty good.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

#44 is a Magical Number.

No lie, I was a sobbing, puffy mess last night when Barack Obama gave his speech as the President-elect. Pinch me, it really happened! What astounds me is how his campaign mobilized so many Americans to believe in the power that we have as voters, and as citizens. You just have to give a damn. The votes of millions of Americans propelled him to the presidency, and although I know what a tough job he has a head of him, I'm not cynical about whether or not he can get it done.

Stevie Wonder- Signed, Sealed, Delivered
(Greatest Hits!)

Might I add, Senator McCain also gave an incredibly gracious concession speech last night as well. Except for the people ruining the vibe with the classless and unnecessary taunts, which he quickly shot down. That was truly maverick-y. They could learn a lot from Elisabeth Hasselbeck who uncharacteristically supportive of Obama this morning on The View. That was a shocker!

But hey, today anything is possible.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voterade 2008

I voted!!! Did you?
Just got back from the NBC Election Plaza over in Rockafeller Center. The place is bustling with nail-biting drama right now. Some awesome guy was handing out election mugs (red and blue) and being New Yorkers of course, we all wanted the blue ones. "Folks, don't grab ! Red or blue, I promise you tomorrow they can all hold coffee!"

New York is great, but wouldn't it be awesome to be in Chicago's Grant Park right now for the Obama love-in? I cross my fingers for tomorrow.