Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Side A: Track 1

The Brooklyn based, fredflare is selling the next era of mixed-tape technology--- the mix tape USB drive. The packaging is a cute homage to the cassette tape with the USB drive all snug inside a fake cassette, but me thinks, why can't I just buy a usb drive and cut a hole in an old cassette? (At $22 for 64mb, it hardly seems worth the price, no?) Or better yet, do as your grandma would do-- make it from scratch. Bring out that old tape recorder! Call me old school, I would prefer a cassette or a CD. It's just more personal. Even so, I don't think a lot of people still make these things, except for the awesome members of the International Mixed Tape Project or "Love is a Mixed Tape" author, Rob Sheffield. What happened to the good old days when a boy likes a girl and as a symbol of that affection, said boy gives said girl a mixed tape/cd?

"Excuse me, here is the soundtrack to my heart. I think you are cool. Thank you for existing."

I have been mentally making a list of songs I would put on a tape for someone. In that 36 minutes and 39 seconds of music mixology, there is something to be said for who we are when we are apart, who we are when we are together. And if when we are together, I hear Radiohead's "All I Need" blaring over the soundsystem in my head, then who am I to shut that off?

But oh... if you are not hearing what I'm hearing...

Radiohead- All I Need (link expired)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lost in Translation: 2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris is now available on DVD.

Like to own?

I like to own.

Nouvelle Vague (featuring Julie Delpy)- La La La (expired)
(Buy the soundtrack)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

“23” + 1: Blonde Redhead, Raveonettes at Terminal 5

Nothing like getting back into the game with a little Blonde Redhead at Terminal 5.

Best part of the night was when a plaid-clad fellow showed up to jam with Kazu Makino and the boys on “23”.

“I don’t know who this is,” said Kazu, feigning recognition of one of the most recognizable guys in the scene.

Even though I was pretty far away from the front of the stage, I knew exactly who that was. I pretty much jumped on my friend, shaking him silly, shouting. “Oh my god! That's Paul Banks!!!” I was surprised when not a few more people in the crowd went a little crazy. Yes, guilty as charged, I am the screaming Interpol fan. And how jealous am I? I wish I had this guy’s view.

Because in all honesty can you tell that this blur right here is Paul Banks?

Well this one is a little better...

Everyone was pretty into BR. Does anyone know the name of the last song they played? Ah, I wish there was a setlist floating around somewhere.

The Raveonettes had their share of fans too. Lust Lust Lust, which received mixed reviews still has a few gems like "Lust" and "Aly, Walk With Me." I’ve never heard “Here Comes Mary” live either, so that was a real treat. They'll be back in the city in March at Bowery Ballroom, which they've called their "favorite venue."

The Raveonettes- My Tornado (expired)
(Buy Whip It On)

Blonde Redhead- 23 (expired)
(Buy 23)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Celebs Sure Do Love That Swag

Props to Jimmy Kimmel airing these old clips so the writers on strike can get their residual paychecks.

I too have wondered where some of these musicians get ideas for names of their band. I guess I can cross The Killers off that list!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Broken English

I don't actually remember if this screenshot of Parker Posey, which supposedly was taken from the film, Broken English, was actually in the film. But I love the colors that seemingly saturate everything around her as she stares vapidly out into the streets.

There have been plenty of vapid staring as of late. 2008 is not starting so well... In one long breath, I am trying to build a groundswell of passion in my tone, in my language, in my stride, I am refusing to second doubt myself. I am trying to better understand my values but like Obama tries to say, "Where is the middle ground?" Why is it so hard to be valued as a whole person? My vices are as important to me as my virtues.

In Broken English, Nora Wilder (Posey) is working a job in which she finds no satisfaction. She ends up at a party and meeting someone who throws her for a loop, and she starts questioning why she has put her life on hold. She and her best friend go to Paris to look for this man, and it's basically one woman's realizations of her values.

My oldest and dearest friend and I pattered through the floors of Barnes and Noble talking about politics and art and sociology, and business, and literature this weekend. But because she is my oldest and dearest friend, I trust that she will not judge me if I have my facts crossed, or if my thought processes continuously muddle into a non-sensical flap. And because she is my best friend, she absolutely understands what I mean. It's quite helpful to have someone know what you mean, when you can't make sense of it yourself. I think we are both at that age, holding our breaths, and waiting for it all to make sense. Does it ever?

Mia Doi Todd- La Vie En Rose (expired)
(This song is not from the movie, but I love it nevertheless. From the album, The Unaccompanied Voice.. so appropriate)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Superstar, You Are What You Say You Are

Lupe Fiasco and Matthew Santos cross picket lines last night to drop this on the Late Show with David Letterman:

Letterman keeps calling him "Lupee." Maybe that's just the writers-solidarity beard muffling his speech. Anyway my sister watched it and said, "Wow, that Maroon 5 guy can get down." Come to think of it, Matthew Santos does bear a resemblence to Adam Levine. You think?

Catch Lupe on tour!
(New Yorkers, he'll be at Nokia Theatre on February 2nd.)

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos- Superstar (link expired)
(Buy The Cool)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

At The Start of the Morning

Joy Denalane is one of those rare talents who is a little hard to define, but so easy to relate to and appreciate. Born to a South African father and a German mother, she grew up in Berlin and speaks fluent German, a mother-tongue she frequently sings in whether, expressing from what I gather is, relationship woes, or the situation in Soweto. Known also for collaborating on tracks with Common and Lupe Fiasco, you know the woman has a strong head on her shoulders too just by seeing the company she keeps.

Today however, I have been watching this music video for her song "Sometimes Love" non-stop all morning. She just makes me feel really good about myself, kind of the way Mary J. Blige or Jill Scott does, but without the obvious self-esteem/be a queen talk (which is great by the way, but not for this kind of day). I attribute the great feeling not only to the lomography, pin-hole camera aesthetics, which makes me feel like I'm watching someone's home movies, but also to the scene with the children in the day care center. Wouldn't you rather sit in a circle playing itsy bitsy spider instead of going to work? It is, just one of those days.