Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Acts of Love

I haven't been to a show in so long... it's pretty sad. So I was so glad to break the dry spell seeing Gliss last night at Mercury Lounge. They have been my new fave band for a while now. I'm kind of a fan-geek when it comes to this band so I'm pretty sure it was dorky to gush about how much I love them to their bassist/drummer Victoria, but hey, what can you do.

In any case, it was sweet to see them sporting some new guitars, and playing songs off their new album, Devotion Implosion. Even after a minor snafu with broken guitar string, they rocked the house. 29 Acts of Love, Morning Light, and The Patrol are my favorite tracks.

Shows at Union Hall, and Pianos to follow. I probably won't be able to make it but this is definitely a band you should see live if given the chance.

Gliss- 29 Acts of Love
(Buy Devotion Implosion!)

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